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Marriage Formation Course

LANGUAGES: Spanish, English.

DURATION: 3 years, each of 10 months.


DESCRIPTION: Groups conformed by  of 4 to 7 marriages, meeting every other weeks, coordinated by a qualified couple. In meetings of 2 hrs. duration in which the subjects from the book are discussed in sequential order. Previously, each spouse study and do a personal reflection, then they share with each other; finally in a very special moment both share it with the children. The group meetings ends with a personal commitment. There is also a retreat every year, being the first the Kerygma as part of the formation there are 3 general meetings per year. There are also 3 introductory meetings before the commence of the formation year.

This is an excellent formation for marriages, which is not intended to be complete but to provide the basic elements for a integral personal maturity at conjugal, family and community level.
 There are several training courses for coordinators and support material for the implementation of this training, including the structure and methodology required for this.
SUPPORTING MATERIAL: Every year a formation book is provided to the members of the team and a guide for  the coordinator of each level. All the material is based on the Bible, Church Teaching and Human Sciences.

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