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Our Programs


The ICCFM ministries encompass all family services at the parish level or for the whole community. The following programs are common in all continents:

1. Marriage preparation and/or engaged encounter

2. Marriage Encounter

3. Marriage enrichment and/or marriage renewal

4. Marriage and family counseling

5. Support groups and counseling for solo parents

6. Natural family planning and responsible parenthood

7. Religious formation

8. Sons and Daughters Encounter and/or other programs for the youth

9. "Round the table" or other forms of family dialog

10. Apostolate for couples in irregular situations

11. Retreats and seminars for members and nonmembers

12. Programs for middle-year families

13. Advocacy for the disadvantaged and the unborn

14. Discipleship of non-Christians

15. Corporal and spiritual works of mercy

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