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Christian Leadership Program 1




We are happy to inform you that we have a 2-hour on-line ICCFM Christian Leadership Program.

This program will enable the Christian leader---both new and those already serving---to know, understand and appreciate what Christian leadership means, to realize that it was God who called you to lead and equipped you---with both heart and hands---for this leadership role.

A Christian leader is both God’s faithful steward and servant to those you are called by God to lead.

As steward, you believe with your heart, that everything you have:  your life, your time, your skills, abilities and talents, your financial and material resources---are God’s gifts to you.  Because they are God’s gifts, He wants to use you as channel of His blessings when you share these gifts with others.  When you serve as a servant leader, you joyfully share these gifts with those you are called to lead.

As you serve, God also transforms you.  You become a better person so that your loving and caring relationship with those you lead bring them closer to God.

We invite you to log on to this informative and formative program.  To benefit from this program, you are requested to do each of the Self-Reflection after every topic, write down your answers on a notebook and reflect on your answers, all the time visualizing that Jesus is beside you.

Have a blessed encounter with our Lord Jesus!

We appreciate the support on the elaboration of this program to Josie and Jorge Santamaría, national presidents of CFM-Philippines.

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